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What's Showing... 

Warrawong: The Windy Place on the Hill

28 mins, dir.Simon Target 2022

Exploring the notion of what life on a farm is like in modern Australia, follow Sue and Brian, a couple in their 70s living in the remote town of Tooraweenah in NSW. This is a documentary that tackles deep themes of isolation, loss, and the notion of downsizing a farm.

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Gilgandra Film Festival 2024
Gilgandra Film Festival 2024
25 May 2024, 6:30 pm
Gilgandra Shire Hall

One night only

Gilgandra's first, ever mini doc fest.

3 short Aussie docos, showing the lives of people from very different corners of the planet, including the local premiere of  'Warrawong - the windy place on the hill', filmed on location in Gilgandra Shire. 


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